Mukenschnabl, Inc. is a complete aircraft maintenance facility dedicated to providing the best quality service, specializing in the maintenance, preservation, repair, and upkeep of your turbine or piston aircraft.

Here are just some of the services we provide our customers.

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  • TCM Engine Fuel system set up
  • Cessna Turbine Systems and ECC Adjustments (TPE 331 & PT6)
  • We can pre-arrange any items we do not work on in our shop
  • Fiber-optic boroscope inspection
  • Sealed lead acid battery & NICAD battery capacity checks


  • Annuals, Phases and Event (singles & twins both recip & turbo prop)
  • Pre Buy Inspections (singles & twins both recip & turbo prop)
  • Perform factory authorized inspections per check list
  • AD Research


  • Oxygen/Nitrogen Service (Hi-Lo Pressure)
  • Dual reflex NICAD pulse charging system
  • Aircraft weighing with electronic scales (platform and load cells)
  • Dynamic prop balancing
  • Ultrasonic fuel injection nozzle cleaning
  • PT6 turbine wash
  • Turbine fuel nozzle removal & replacement
  • In-flight fine tuning


  • All Items within our shop capacity
  • Recip cylinder removal & replacement
  • Engine removal and replacement
  • Propeller removal and replacement
  • Engine appliance removal & replacement
  • Retractable gear system set-up and maintenance
  • STC installations, field approvals & 337 forms.


  • Corrosion proofing with Corrosion-X
  • Corrosion inhibitor for use on exterior surfaces
  • Removal of dirt, grease and grime from the air-frame
  • General airplane tune up
  • Ice boot protection services


  • Painting – panel repair urethane enamel & clear coat.
  • Partial Restorations as needed
  • Welding, heliarc and machine shop services
  • Fabrication – sheet metal and structural as required

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Are Saying

We had an oil leak that was causing excessive oil loss.  After looking for it ourselves we decided to take it to a shop but they where unable to find the leak as well. 

They recommended we bring it to Mukenschnabl for them to take another look. Their knowledgeable staff was able to find the leak and fix our problem. 

We brought in the airplane to have it looked after.  They determined that the engine was tearing itself apart.  The mechanics took the engine out of the airplane and sent it to an engine overhaul shop.  After the engine was repaired they put it back in and reinstalled everything. 

They had no problem showing me the cause of the problem and letting me determine the course of action.  That really give me confidence in their work.   They suggested where to take the engine and handled the whole operation professionally. 

We had an accident and they had no problem coming out to help dissemble the plane so that we could ship it back home.  

We didn't hire them to fix the plane we only hired them to ship the plane home.  

In hindsight we where so impressed that we should have just hired them to fix the plane to begin with. 

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